Chester County South Carolina Timber Harvest



Selling your timber is a big step that will alter your land for years to come. The complexity and volatility of timber markets make it difficult for most landowners to get the results they want without professional assistance. Sale structure and harvest type should be dictated by timber type, terrain, stand age, your management goals, and financial needs.

To estimate timber value, boundary location, acreage, and product volumes must be known. Accurate determination of these items requires a substantial time investment, and time is money. When a do-it-yourself timber seller calls a buyer, he is asking him to make this investment with no guarantee that he’ll even sell—meaning he risk losing days of his valuable time just to make an offer. To reduce risk buyers will skimp on field work (walk through estimate), offer a “can’t lose” price, or nudge the seller towards a sale structure that minimizes his loss liability.

My sales process eliminates this problem by doing all the legwork (timber inventory, boundary establishment, maps, terms, etc.) upfront. This information is consolidated into a simple, concise bid packet which is advertised to all reputable buyers in your area. This process creates a fair playing field for all and reduces the buyer’s time input from days to hours, resulting in a more competitive pricing environment.

If you are thinking of selling your timber, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What my timber is worth?
  • Is my timber ready for harvest?
  • What type of harvest should be performed?
  • What forest products does my property contain?
  • Are current market conditions favorable?
  • To whom should I sell?
  • Where are my property lines?
  • What is the tax basis of my timber?
  • What terms should I include in the contract?

These are just a few of the questions you should be able to answer before you sell your timber. I can help you with these questions and represent you and streamline the sales process, resulting in more bids, higher revenues and less headache for everyone involved.