York County South Carolina upland pine plantation


On rural properties, the standing timber can make up a substantial portion of the tract value–in many cases more than the bare land, meaning it is imperative that you select an agent knowledgeable in land and timber management and valuation. My real estate license is affiliated with Carolina Timberland Sales, a firm specializing in rural and timberland properties. Carolina Timberland Sales‘ agents have backgrounds in forestry, family farm management, and real estate development, meaning they have the knowledge and experience to provide you with competent representation.

Carolina Land Sales

Land Seller Representation

Each property’s character and value are unique, determined by a mix of attributes, both positive and negative.  The ability to assess these features thoroughly and with competency is crucial to making wise sales decisions. Every property I list for sale gets a thorough assessment of the timber, terrain, soils, and other conditions that contribute to value. If your tract isn’t “market ready,” I’ll make recommendations for improving your property’s overall appeal.

Following the pre-sale assessment, I’ll go to work marketing your property through Carolina Timberland Sales’ extensive network of media, agents, and buyers.

Carolina Land Buyer Agency

Land Buyer Representation

Looking for land? Save time and money and eliminate the chance of buyer’s regret by hiring an expert to locate suitable prospects and guide you through the purchasing process. Often you pay no fee for representation; if the property is listed, the selling agent’s commission is split at closing to compensate the buyer’s agent.

To do my best work, I need you to define the parameters of your search (price range, acreage, land features, location, etc.). The more detail you provide, the better able I’ll be to locate a property for you.

Once search criteria are established, I’ll separate the wheat from the chaff, so your valuable time is spent viewing only quality candidates for purchase.