Ips Bark Beetles in the Carolinas

Carolina Timberland Pine Beetle Spots
Union County, South Carolina Beetle Kill

It looks like we are going to see an increase in pine ips bark beetle this year. I’ve seen an increase of spots in my work area over the past couple of years and the drought we are currently experiencing will further stress trees and exacerbate the problem as we go into the active beetle season. Ips beetles generally kill only single trees or small groupings of trees, but the damage does add up. If you suspect you have beetles call me and I’ll be glad to come out to identify the problem and offer any suggestions I have for a remedy.

The best prevention for beetle infestation is proper pine stand density management through thinning harvests. Learn more about thinning in this post: Thinning Pine for Profit, Health, and Wildlife.

More on the ips pine beetle here: https://www.barkbeetles.org/ips/ipsfidl.htm

More on pine beetle identification here: http://www.aces.edu/pubs/docs/A/ANR-0422/index2.tmpl

US Forest Service hazard by county through 2027 here: https://www.fs.fed.us/foresthealth/technology/nidrm_spb.shtml



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Tim Cartner and Keeper

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