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Forest Management 

You not only need goals, but you also need a system of management to ensure success. I'll work with you to develop and implement a plan to set you on the road to better management.

How having a Forest Management Plan can benefit you:

  • In most cases, it'll qualify your land for a low agricultural property tax rate

  • Determines a timeline for future timber sales and cash flows

  • Provides a framework for improving woodland health and value

  • Determines the activities necessary for achieving other goals you may have, such as wildlife habitat enhancement, visual appeal, etc.

  • Informs you of the management limitations and opportunities presented by your land

  • Well managed timberland properties are worth more and sell more quickly


Each plan's scope depends on the goals you have for your property and the level of detail desired.


Timber Sales

Selling your timber is a big step that will alter your land for years to come. The complexity and volatility of timber markets make it difficult for most landowners to get the results they want without professional assistance. 

If you are thinking of selling your timber, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is my timber is worth?

  • Is my timber mature ready for harvest?

  • What type of harvest should be performed?

  • What forest products does my property contain?

  • Are current market conditions favorable for my products?

  • To whom should I sell?

  • Where are my property lines?

  • What is the tax basis of my timber?

  • What terms should I include in the contract?


These are just a few of the questions you should be able to answer before you sell your timber. I can help you with these questions, represent you, and streamline the sales process. My sales process results in more bids, higher revenues, and fewer headaches for you and the buyer.


Timber appraisals

Timber management and sales decisions should be based on hard data, not guesswork.  Unfortunately, many landowners and land buyers settle for walkthrough guestimates or inventories whose accuracy is questionable.


I’ll appraise your timber and provide you with a detailed breakdown of your timber by species and product. Timber value and volume are statistically verified, ensuring that you have the best, most reliable numbers possible to make your management and sales decisions. All appraisal reports come with high-quality aerial and terrain maps.

You need a timber appraisal when:

  • Selling land

  • Buying land (due diligence)

  • Selling timber

  • You've inherited or purchased land. Establishing a timber tax basis will reduce taxes paid when the timber is sold.

  • Investment or estate planning

  • You’ve experienced timber theft or accidental cutover

  • Natural disasters have caused extensive timber damage 

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