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Find land

If you have the money, buying timberland is easy. The land market is full of eager brokers just itching to put you into the "perfect" tract. The big questions are:

  • Do you know the property's potential, its limitations?

  • What is the timber worth?

  • Are you getting a good deal?


As your forester and land buyer agent, I will save you time and money while eliminating the likelihood of you buying a lemon.

Often you pay no fee for buyer representation; the selling agent’s commission is split at closing to compensate the buyer’s agent.

I'll work with you to help you define the parameters of your search (price range, acreage, land features, location, etc.). 

Once search criteria are established, I’ll separate the wheat from the chaff, so your valuable time is spent viewing only quality candidates for purchase.

You'll begin your ownership with a firm grasp of your property's potential and limitations along with a detailed timber appraisal, high-quality maps, and a forest management plan to guide you into the future.

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