Well-managed woodland can yield an abundance of benefits for its owner. Timber income is only one of those benefits. Recreation, wildlife, scenic beauty, reduced property taxes, and clean water are others. Timberland Advisors can help you define your management goals and put a plan in place to maximize the benefits and enjoyment you receive from your land.

North Carolina and South Carolina forest management provides income, wildlife habitat, and scenic beauty.

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A Message From Tim Cartner, owner of Timberland Advisors

Over two decades in the land and timber business have taught me that every property is unique. Landowner goals, species composition, topography, soils, past activities, and proximity to markets make the management needs, challenges and possibilities differ for each tract—there are no one-size-fits-all solutions.

Tim Cartner and Keeper
Tim Cartner & Keeper

What I do: Working as a forester and real estate agent, I develop environmentally and financially sound management and sales solutions for clients in the Piedmont and Foothills regions of the North and South Carolina.

My management philosophy: I treat each property as if it were my own, always with an eye towards the future health and well-being of the land as a whole. I work with each client to formulate attainable goals, reached through sound planning and implementation. I firmly believe that land and timber management can, and should be, both good for your land and finances.

My work style: I tend to be a perfectionist—doing things right or not at all. Whether it’s creating property maps, marking a selective harvest, or putting together your land or timber sale, you can be certain that every detail is thoroughly and meticulously tended to. I’m hands-on, meaning I’m involved in every aspect of the process, and you’ll always deal directly with me.

When you work with me: I want your input–I can’t do my best work without it. I understand that you’re probably not an expert woodland manager (you wouldn’t need me if you were), but probably do have ideas about what you want from your land: income, wildlife habitat, visual appeal, recreation, etc. Too many times I see landowners hand their management over to a forester (government or private) without giving their input, then get unwanted or unexpected outcomes.

My advice for landowners: Be proactive in your management. Mother Nature never sleeps, and your land will change with or without your input. I often see properties where indifference and neglect have led to losses (financial, forest health, and wildlife habitat). If this is the case on your property, I can help get it on the path to restoration.

Getting Started: Feel free to call, text, or email me with any questions about my services or land and timber management. If you already have a plan, I’ll be glad to review it and give you my thoughts. If you don’t have a plan, I’ll work with you to help you develop one. To get started, request a free no-obligation property consultation and report.

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My Values

Knowledge. Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” I value continual learning and believe a diverse knowledge base improves the job I do.

Humility. I know enough to know that I don’t know it all. When in doubt, I collaborate with other professionals to make sure the job is done right.

Patience. Managing land and timber takes time. Weather, growth rate, seasons, tax law, and markets all influence the management and sales timeline.

Individuality. I’ve never liked to follow the herd. Likewise, your land and management goals are unique and deserve to be treated so, not just given another one-size-fits-all Forest Service plan.

Transparency. I do my utmost to avoid conflicts of interest. There are never any hidden fees in my services. I am representing you—every dime is accounted for.

Straightforwardness. I prefer the unadorned truth. Anything less wastes your time and mine.

Resourcefulness. I enjoy the creative problem-solving process required to balance clients’ multi-use land and timber management goals efficiently.

Grit. When the going gets tough, perseverance and diligence make all the difference in the world.