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Decades of experience, combined with conscientious planning, ensure your land is productive and growing toward the goals you have visualized.



Do you want to find quality property at a fair price, and start your ownership with a comprehensive forest management roadmap?


Selling your timberland is a big step, meaning you need a knowledgeable team that knows both land and timber to help you get the best results.




Hi, my name is Tim Cartner, and I'm the owner of Timberland Advisors. I'm a Carolina native, earning my forestry degree from North Carolina State University (1994). I'm a registered consulting forester and a licensed real estate agent in both North and South Carolina.

What I do


I represent and work with timberland owners and buyers to help them realize their ownership goals. The land and timber business is fraught with pitfalls, and I utilize my 25+ years of hands-on experience to guide my clients along a path that will lead to wise decisions, both financial and environmental. 

My Land Ethic


Aldo Leopold said, “A conservationist is one who is humbly aware that with each stroke of the axe he is writing his signature on the face of the land.” Taking this philosophy to heart, I treat each property as if it were my own, always with an eye towards the future health, value, and well-being of the land as a whole. I work with each client to formulate attainable management and sales objectives, reached through sound planning and implementation. When timberland management is done right, it can be good for both the land and your finances. I work with clients who share my land ethic and understand the value of investing in professional services.

getting started


If you are uncertain about how to get started with your forest management, a land or timber sale, or a property purchase, you are not alone. Like many things, the hard part is getting started. I work with novices every day, helping them avoid common pitfalls while gaining knowledge and direction. Click below to start your journey toward better land and timber management.

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